The SOS C2IT™ system is unmatched in the industry, and was created by industry professionals with years of experience and knowledge in the cost management field. From the spill site to the courtroom, SOS has provided vital information to assist the responsible party, the responder and the insurer, resulting in millions of dollars in savings to clients.


Numerous detailed reports allowing for daily auditing, resource tracking and proper management

We can track and record millions of line items.  Including but not limited to: invoices, payments, pay rates, equipment, overtime, etc.

Web based reporting features allowing access to clients for ‘live’ updates on incidents

Incident Finance Documentation

An incident of major significance will generate tons of documents all of which have to be collected, recorded, processed, audited and placed in line for reimbursement.
This is where we come in. This is what we do. This is our business. We will handle all of your incident finance documentation. Before your company or insurance carrier pays one invoice, they will want to make sure the invoices are accurate, complete and within the guidelines set forth by the incident management personnel.