About SOS

SOS was formed on the heels of OPA 90 regulations, and the industry’s need in the early 1990s to satisfy federal response requirements. SOS has provided services to all facets of the industry. Our services initially included spill response plans for well locations and storage facilities in East Texas and South Louisiana. Resources were located, protection strategies were designed and training and drills were initiated for each operator, incorporating over 60 small and mid-level oil companies. SOS was later contracted by Aramco Services to design a massive response plan including protection strategies and resource identification for all environmentally sensitive areas from Aruba to the Northern Gulf Coast to Brownsville, Texas. It was with this wealth of information captured in our database that SOS answered the industry’s need for a comprehensive cost control system. SOS’s client list has included most of the major oil companies in the South including Exxon, Shell, Chevron, Citgo and many others.

Pollution underwriters feeling the brunt of spiraling pollution remediation costs soon began hiring SOS to financially manage their spills. SOS was contracted by the Water Quality Insurance Syndicate, the largest insurer of vessels and barges in the U.S., to oversee finance operations on their pollution incidents. With the larger spills beginning to tap into underwriter’s re-insurance policies, we soon began working with European underwriters and P&I clubs.
Since then and continuing today, SOS remains at the forefront of pollution related finance in the U.S. More recently, SOS has provided services to major European insurers and P & I Clubs on most of the larger pollution events in the U.S. including catastrophes on the Delaware River, Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.

The SOS response database system C2IT™ is unmatched in the industry. From the spill site to the courtroom, SOS has provided vital information to assist the responsible party, the responder and the insurer, resulting in millions of dollars in savings.